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Eagles of Troop 336


This page is in dedication of the Eagle Scouts of our Troop. If you know of a Troop 336 Eagle Scout which is not listed, please email the webmaster with the entry.


1974 1980
S Stevens R Russell
J Jaques
1981 1983
K Smith
M Smith
N Wallace
B Smith
1984 1985
L Greene J Lowery
T Chaffee
J Wynn Jr
F Buckley
1988 1989
J Chaffee
J Haygood
J Simms
J Adair
M Knox
1991 1992
S Covey C Safley
1993 1994
C Smith L Cooner
1996 1997
P Safley
J Taylor
S Quatlebaum
1998 1999
B Smith
B Hood
A Driggers
2000 2001
J Clark
C Daugette
J Lee
J Brightwell
J Robert Watson
D Thomas
B Walker Jr.
2002 2004
R Nagel
B Wallace
J Brightwell
B Williams
E Cole
Joshua Driggers
D Williams
K Sandefer
B Sharp
D Owen
2005 2006
K Berry
M Walker
J Phelps
A Watson
D Thomas
S McCutcheon
C Wallace
C Thompson
C Brown
2007 2008
D Nagel
D South
M Phelps
T Reynolds
J Wooley
C Clemons
E Huff
A Holmes
S Owen
D Johnson
T Downs
J Lovelace
C Adama
2009 2010
M Walker
R Sharp
B Wooley
S Lackey
W Coleman
2011 2012
D Childers
B Fulmer
K Lybarger
J Thompson
L Chaffee
D Smith
A Wooley
T Wooley
2013 2014
R Nowka
C VanDonkelaar
M Watson
N Roark
J Lackey
J Briscoe
2015 2016
A Gipner
H Haynes
G Walling
Unknown Dates  
Unknown Scout (1977?)