Spring Camporee Update

Camporee Flag Pole

Flag Pole is raised at the Camporee Site.

Camporee is only 10 days away and excitement is building!  Yesterday the flag pole was raised – its location and looks are great.  There is still a lot to do and what can you do to help?  Contact Mr Haskins by phone or email on what the needs are.  Can you supply: wooden stakes, high viz surveyor’s tape or other marking tape, surveyor flags, walkie talkies, 10’x10′ pop up shelters, rope, etc. ?  How about yourself?  Preparation will be ramping up exponentially as we get closer.

This is the Troop’s 1st Camporee to host in 9 years.  This year’s theme is the Clash Of Clans (a great theme!) and is shaping up to be a memorable one.  Plan to be a part.

Update:  Flag Pole is up!  Only 7 days away.

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  1. Shannon Lallemand

    I was trying to find a link to contact a troop leader, but didn’t see one. I have a flag that needs to be retired and wanted to donate it if your troop has flag retirement ceremonies. I live in Hartselle, so someone could pick it up or I could drop it off locally. Please just let me know.

    1. coiniac6 Post author

      If you wish to drop it off, we meet at 1st Baptist, Hartselle, Monday evenings at 6-7:30pm in the basement. We participate in flag retirement ceremonies regularly and would love to have your donation. ~Scott


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